read books be nice t-shirt

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staying inside i cleaned my room and found 30 blank t-shirts.

the last few days I printed these new found t-shirts with the intent of distributing them all not for profit.

These are available for the next 24 hours @ £10 each.

Will be sending them out and pausing the online shop for a little bit.

I am in a constant battle with not wanting to give people another reason to stay on there phones. Hence the gram is very sporadic and often neglected. 

thank you to everyone that is about always do what you should do. I am grateful for each interaction and investment.

In this weird time make sure you are bettering your situation. chilling is cool as well. just be aware that you are in control of your own destiny.

if its to be it's up to me

read that sentence above a few times to yourself.

big love to everyone

nick x@x@x@

colour of t-shirt is random